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Olivia Rodrigo’s team forbid the distribution of morning-after pills at her concerts following backlash.

American singer Olivia Rodrigo started her Guts world tour in February 2024. Right before the first show in Palm Springs, she revealed on TikTok and Instagram the creation of the Fund 4 Good. A portion of ticket sales from her tour will go to this fund and to the National Network of Abortion Funds to support women’s reproductive rights, abortion, girls education, and prevent gender-based violence.

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Local associations and non-profit organizations are invited to held stands and give information to the fans interested by abortion rights and reproductive healthcare. Hats, stickers, flyers and informations are distributed freely by professional and volunteers.

An initiative violently criticized.

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At St. Louis (Missouri) show, morning-after pills and condoms were distributed by the Missouri Abortion Fund. Missouri is one of the states which bans abortion.
It took 11 shows in the Guts World Tour for the activism toward women’s right to be criticized.
In St. Louis, Missouri, parents and politicians deeply criticized this initiative. Republican senator of Missouri Bill Eigel said she should be ‘ashamed’ to give ‘abortifacient’ to children.

Although morning-after pills do not constitue a form of abortion since they are use to prevent pregnancies.
opponent, to whom she ‘stole’ the Grammy. But no man makes the titles for stealing anything from a woman or from another man.

Since then, distribution of morning-after pills, condoms or lubricant were forbidden by Rodrigo’s team, stating that ’children are present at the concerts’. Associations and organizations are still invited to the concerts to spread awareness on women’s rights and can still dispense materials such as informatives flyers and advices.

Some organizations reacted.

Jades Hurley, communication manager of the DC Abortion Fund expressed her sadness about this announcement. She argues that ‘it’s disappointing that extremists are causing a moral panic over something they don’t even understand’ (@DCAbortionFund on X). They announced on X they will still be present outside the venue to distribute morning-after pills and condom.

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